Monday, March 17, 2014

Season 22 Playoff Predictions

4) Santa Cruz Banana Slugs (w)                           3) Philadelphia Phunsuckers (w)                              VS                                                                 VS
5) Fargo Escargot Embargo                                     6) Washington D.C. Oxygen Thieves

1) Toronto Ehhs (w)                                              2) Monterrey Jack (w)
VS                                                             VS
4)Santa Cruz Banana Slugs                                     3)Philadelphia Phunsuckers

 A.L Championship:
  1)Toronto Ehhs(w)

American League Champion:
After finally taking over Fargo's 10 year hold on the A.L North, Toronto breaks through, wins the division on route to its first A.L championship game and win.


4)San Diego Anchormen                                                 3)Jacksonville Sharks
vs                                                      vs
5)Rochester Rocky Horror(w)                          6)Toledo Rodents of Unusual Size (w)

1)Detroit Felonious Monks(w)                                            2) Boston Cask 'n Flagon(w)
Vs                                                       VS
5)Rochester Rocky Horror                                 6)Toledo Rodents of Unusual Size

N.L Championship:


National League Championship:
After letting N.L MVP Ben Stone walk, Detroit proves they aren't a one man team. Retooling the team, they make it back to the World Series for the first time since winning it back in season 18.

World Series:

World Series Winner:

With the top ranked offense and a top 5 pitching staff, they seem to be the team to beat in the playoffs this season.

Some may see this pick as self-serving, but I didn't go to the Vladimir Putin Commissioner School for nothing

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Season 22 Final Predictions

by jasonkent25


North:   Fargo Escargot EmbargoCan’t pick anyone else till someone unseats Fargo.

East:   Philadelphia PhunsuckersTheir 6 season run isn’t going to end this year.

South:   Monterrey Jack2 straight season with 109 wins. No one will catch these guys this year.

West:   Santa Cruz Banana SlugsPitching wins and these guys have it.

Wild Card 1:   Boise SpudsAdded some offense. Could challenge Fargo for North title.

Wild Card 2:   Toronto EhhsLike Boise, added offense and will also challenge Fargo.

AL Champion:   Santa Cruz Banana Slugs


North:   Rochester Rocky HorrorLooks to make it 3 straight division championships

East:   Pittsburgh Allegheny SplashersWin a tight race

South:   Texas TequilaIf they can win at home this season they will run away with this division

West:   San Diego AnchormenGreat pitching will win this division and the Anchormen have the best.

WildCard 1:   Vancouver Lucha XtremeBest of the non-division winners

WildCard 2:   Charleston CommandosAfter missing by 2 games last year they will squeak in this season.

NL Champion:   Rochester Rocky Horror

WS Champion:   Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Season 22 Power Rankings—AL

AL Preseason Rankings by jasonkent25

1.  Monterrey Jack:  Last season's Champs deserve nothing but the #1 spot. They  return AL MVP Donnie Fiore and the top offense in the league. The rest of the AL will need to bring their A-game to dethrone these guys.  
Last Season 109-53

2.  Fargo Escargot Embargo:  Returning 3-40 HR guys and a great pitching staff these guys look poised for another deep run in the playoffs. Oh, by the way, they have won the AL North for the last 10 seasons. 
Last Season 102-60

3.  Philadelphia Phunsuckers:  After having a 95 win down season (averaged over 100 wins previous 5 seasons), the Phunsuckers have the AL CY winner Odalis Ugueto returning with a great offense and pitching staff. Look for them to return to 100 win form and challenge Monterrey for the AL title    
Last Season 95-67

4.  Santa Cruz Banana Slugs:  A team built on pitching and former CY Winner Rod Willis--and throw in the addition of Matt Forrest via offseason trade--they could be the next AL Champ. They are the only team to take the Champs to a game 5 or 7 in the playoffs. 
Last Season 88-74

5.  Boise Spuds:  After returning to the playoffs for the first time since Season 12, AL ROY Pablo Javier and new addition Pedro Cruz look to keep the Spuds rolling this season and have their sights set on bigger goals.  
Last season 97-65

6.  Toronto Ehhs:  With one of the top offenses in the league and a solid pitching staff to back them up, Toronto went out and added NL MVP Ben Stone, in hopes of taking the AL North away from Fargo and not getting swept out of the 1st round of the playoffs this season.  
Last Season 99-63

7.  Washington D.C. Oxygen Thieves:  After making the playoffs each of the previous 4 seasons, Washington took a step back last season, having 9 less wins then the previous year and missing the playoffs. They are hoping for only a 1-year drought, though.  
Last season 82-80

8.  Colorado Team And Juan:  After struggling at the beginning of last season, Colorado ended the season very strong. This team is anchored by former MVP Tony Berroa. Looking to keep the strong second half last season roll over into this season.   
Last Season: 72-79

9.  Columbus Patriots:  Playing in one of the toughest divisions in the league, Columbus is anchored by 3-time WS champion Joe Nixon. He wants to help Columbus make strides in the right direction this season.  
Last Season 74-88

10.  Fresno Flash:  Looking to rebound after having a down season and only three seasons removed from winning the AL WEST.  This may be hard to do after losing their top two winning pitchers from last season. May be be a rebuilding year for the guys. 
Last Season 73-89

11.  Arizona Desert Rats:  After making the Playoffs two seasons ago, Arizona took a step back last season, but looks to rebound with former League MVP Garret Taguchi. These guys look like they will probably have another middle of the pack season though.  
Last Season-73-89

12.  Austin Capitol Offenders:  Austin looks to rebound after dropping from 2nd to 4th in the AL South Division. They are powered by 2-time league MVP Warren Herman. Look for this offensive juggernaut to have a rebound season. 
Last Season 67-95

13.  Charlotte Vendetta:  These guys have been in the middle of the pack for sometime now. Its going to take a great coaching effort for these guys to make the playoffs. 
Last Season 69-93

14.  New Orleans Sinkers:  After missing the playoffs for the last 7 season, New Orleans is hoping for something miraculous this season. Not sure they are 25 wins better this season though. 
Last Season 69-93

15.  Louisville Grays:  After a major drop in wins last season Alan Riedling and the Grays hope to rebound this season. Not sure it will be enough to make a real push at the playoffs though. They are still a season or two away. 
Last Season  58-104

16.  Richmond Cavaliers:  Have been continuing on a downward slope each of the last 3 season. They are going to need to need an angel or two on their side to make any real push. 
Last Season 62-100

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Season 22 Power Rankings—NL

NL Preseason Rankings by jasonkent25

1. Rochester Rocky Horror:  After losing 4-2 the Rocky Horror and their defending NL Cy Young winner William Shigetoshi look to have another magnificent season and get back to the WS for another shot at the title. 
Last Season 98-64

2. San Diego Anchormen:  After being the 2nd seed last season and getting swept in the Divisional Round,  NL ROY Julio Prieto and the Anchormen look to make it 2 straight division championships and make it further in the playoffs this season.  
Last Season 95-67

3. Vancouver Lucha Xtreme:  Two years removed from the WS victory, the Lucha almost made it back to the big game as a 6th seed. They will look to stay strong again this season and be one of the favorites to represent the NL. 
Last Season 90-72

4. Texas Tequila:  With the top offense in the NL, led by Damaso Jose, the Tequila look to make a strong run to the WS this season with that high powered offense. 
Last Season 90-72

5. Detroit Felonious Monks:  The loss of NL MVP Ben Stone, the Monks made some free Agent signings to help fill the void that they will miss in Stone. They will look to their pitching staff to carry them if they want to make a serious run at the NL.
Last Season 94-68

6. CharlestonCommandos:  Led by previous MVP and ROY Roosevelt Rolle looks to get the Commandos back in the playoffs for the first time in 3 seasons after missing the Wild Card by 2 games last season. 
Last Season 88-74

7. Jacksonville Sharks:  After a 25 game improvement last season, Jacksonville hopes they can make the jump to the post season the year. They have a solid squad and might need 6 to 8 more wins to make that possible.  After 25 games last season that number seems very reachable.  
Last Season 85-77

8. Pittsburgh Alleghany Splashers:  Pittsburgh made the playoffs for only the 1st time in 19 seasons and had their 5th winning season. But they are looking to have back to back playoffs appearances and look to do this behind the big bat of MillerNarveson
Last Season 82-80

9. Cincinnati Red Stockings:  Cincinnati had a 23 game improvement last season, but that was only good enough for 4 games und .500. This season they look improve some more and hope to make a run at the wildcard.
Last Season 79-83

10. Toledo Rodents of Unusual Size:  Had a 9 game improvement from their previous season and look to ride their big bats of JaysonRamirez and Ethan Milligan to a few more wins and hope for a wild card birth at the end of the season.
Last Season 78-84

11. El Paso Diablos:  The Diablos took a step back last season, but they are a young team so that is to be expected. With another year under their belt, look for these guys to make a run at the playoffs, and winning their division might not be so far fetched. 
Last Season 79-83

12. Boston Cask’n Flagon:  Boston was wheeling and dealing in the offseason and unloaded their top HR guys from last season. It’s going to take a little while to see if that was the right call. With only being 2 games out of the division they do not have a lot of ground to make up though. 
Last Season 80-82

13. Helena Handbaskets:  Being in a very strong division, Helena is going to have to have a flawless season if they want to make the playoffs. Not saying it can't be done; it is just very unlikely. Last Season 72-90

14. NewYork Skyliners:  The Skyliners have to be disappointed after losing 14 more games than the previous season with such a high payroll, but look for them to get back on track on the back of their power stud Bing Gant. 
Last Season 71-91

 15. Los Angeles Crue:  The Crue have missed the playoffs the previous 4 seasons and look to make it a fifth unless they come to play hard this season. With a young core, they should have a lot of pep in their step and may just play their way into contention. 
Last Season 67-95

16. Norfolk Kraken:  After a 13 year run in the playoffs, the Kraken have been a bit on the downside the last 4 seasons, but this happens to all great franchises. It’s all about how they pick themselves up. They might not make the playoffs this season, but they will turn this ship around.
Last Season 60-102

Friday, December 13, 2013

And The Winner(s) Is(Are) . . . . . .

Had there been only one gift card to award this would have been a painful loss for one team. But as there are two both Jacksonville and Charleston can be deserving winners. Honorable mention goes to Cincinnati who came on strong from fourth place at last reporting to third, only to come up a bit short. We want to thank you all again for joining us when we had 18 openings last off season and helping us fill the world in just 12 days.

Thanks also to the very generous gifts given by anonymous veteran owners so we could expedite recruiting. wrecks and rookie 30000--your $25 WIS Gift Card should show up in your site mail no later than Monday. Congratulations!


Jacksonville         wrecks                         .370              .525                     + .155   (1)

Charleston            rookie30000                .389              .543                     + .154   (2)

Cincinnati             bbwinksdaddy             .346              .488                      + .142   (4)

New York (AL)      tah3306                     .377               .457                       + .080   (3)

Pittsburgh           ParrishM                     .469               .506                       + .037   (6)

Chicago (NL)      jibe717                        .488               .494                      +.006  (10)

Helena                  psychoch                    .444               .444                       + .000   (5)

Las Vegas            ukwildcats                   .451               .414                      - .037   (7)

El Paso                brentcnb                     .543               .488                        - .055   (8)

Salem                    kelly_mccann              .519              .451                       - .068   (9)