Sunday, September 29, 2013

This should be of particular interest to all NEW OWNERS in Crash Davis. As you know we offered a chance to win 3 free seasons to come give us a chance at The New Crash Davis™ . To be eligible you have to be completely new to this world. Owners who left after last season and then returned are owed a great debt of gratitudebut they are not eligible for the prizes.

Eligible owners:

tah3306   (61-101   .377)

kelly_mccann   (84-78   .519)

bbwinksdaddy   (56-106   .346)

jibe717   (79-83   .488)

ParrishM   (76-86   .469)

rookie30000   (63-99   .389)

wrecks   (60-102   .370)

brentcnb   (88-74   .543)

ukwildcats   (73-89   .451)

psychoch   (72-90   .444)

I originally thought there would be 12 new owners, then 11. But two more previous owners returned so the odds of winning are reduced even further than originally thought. 

The 10 owners are listed above. To the right of each name is their franchise's won/loss record for last season along with its winning percentage. 

The contest is a simple one. The top 2 teams with the most improved winning percentage based on Season 20 will each win a $25 WhatIfSports Gift Card. The following are tiebreakers:

1. The team with the FEWEST wins in Season 20 as, theoretically they had a worse team to ride to an improved record.

2. The team with the best win/loss record in Season 21.

3.  Coin flip.

Wa-a-a-a-a-a-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-t just a damn minute, Mister Commish! You said their were 3 WIS Gift Cards to distribute. What's up with that?

So I did . . . so I did . . . I'm setting the third $25 WIS Gift Card aside and saving it for a contest the whole of Crash Davis will be eligible for. This contest will be announced during the All Star Game. So stay tuned for the excitement. Meantime, if I left anyone off the list please send a TC or sitemail. We'll do periodic updates on the list above to see who is currently in position to win the gift cards


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