Monday, March 17, 2014

Season 22 Playoff Predictions

4) Santa Cruz Banana Slugs (w)                           3) Philadelphia Phunsuckers (w)                              VS                                                                 VS
5) Fargo Escargot Embargo                                     6) Washington D.C. Oxygen Thieves

1) Toronto Ehhs (w)                                              2) Monterrey Jack (w)
VS                                                             VS
4)Santa Cruz Banana Slugs                                     3)Philadelphia Phunsuckers

 A.L Championship:
  1)Toronto Ehhs(w)

American League Champion:
After finally taking over Fargo's 10 year hold on the A.L North, Toronto breaks through, wins the division on route to its first A.L championship game and win.


4)San Diego Anchormen                                                 3)Jacksonville Sharks
vs                                                      vs
5)Rochester Rocky Horror(w)                          6)Toledo Rodents of Unusual Size (w)

1)Detroit Felonious Monks(w)                                            2) Boston Cask 'n Flagon(w)
Vs                                                       VS
5)Rochester Rocky Horror                                 6)Toledo Rodents of Unusual Size

N.L Championship:


National League Championship:
After letting N.L MVP Ben Stone walk, Detroit proves they aren't a one man team. Retooling the team, they make it back to the World Series for the first time since winning it back in season 18.

World Series:

World Series Winner:

With the top ranked offense and a top 5 pitching staff, they seem to be the team to beat in the playoffs this season.

Some may see this pick as self-serving, but I didn't go to the Vladimir Putin Commissioner School for nothing

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