Thursday, January 16, 2014

Season 22 Final Predictions

by jasonkent25


North:   Fargo Escargot EmbargoCan’t pick anyone else till someone unseats Fargo.

East:   Philadelphia PhunsuckersTheir 6 season run isn’t going to end this year.

South:   Monterrey Jack2 straight season with 109 wins. No one will catch these guys this year.

West:   Santa Cruz Banana SlugsPitching wins and these guys have it.

Wild Card 1:   Boise SpudsAdded some offense. Could challenge Fargo for North title.

Wild Card 2:   Toronto EhhsLike Boise, added offense and will also challenge Fargo.

AL Champion:   Santa Cruz Banana Slugs


North:   Rochester Rocky HorrorLooks to make it 3 straight division championships

East:   Pittsburgh Allegheny SplashersWin a tight race

South:   Texas TequilaIf they can win at home this season they will run away with this division

West:   San Diego AnchormenGreat pitching will win this division and the Anchormen have the best.

WildCard 1:   Vancouver Lucha XtremeBest of the non-division winners

WildCard 2:   Charleston CommandosAfter missing by 2 games last year they will squeak in this season.

NL Champion:   Rochester Rocky Horror

WS Champion:   Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

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